Gothic 2 Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11.2

Gothic 2 Resource Pack – review

Gothic 2 is a resource pack for Minecraft 1.11, and at the moment this article is written, the pack has only been out for 6 days. Although this pack is recently launched, its features are impressive to say at least. As the name implies, there are many gothic influences in this pack, but what really makes this pack to stand out are the super realistic visuals. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy using this pack even if you are not a gothic style fan. Most of the gothic themed resource packs tend to have a dark/medieval vibe while still keeping the cartoonish look, but this one manages to revamp the vanilla elements like no other, and the gothic hint are very clear.

Not only its realism is striking, but the details on the textures like blocks and weapons are simply a masterpiece. If you will take just a brief look through the pack, you will shortly notice textures like the cactus, the food and even the wood blocks that have a highly realistic appearance. The gothic atmosphere is ensured by the color palette and the rather dark appearance of this pack, making the game more enjoyable. The mobs had not been overlooked either. They appear to have very well thought out skinns, revamped in a manner that is both realistic and scary enough to make any minecraft adventure more vivid. Of course, the decorative elements are the ones that also contribute to the gothic theme. There are many gothic style paintings, that will complement beautifully, any indoor structure.

Surprisingly enough, the resolution of the Gothic 2 resource pack isn’t that high. With a resolution of 64×64, you will be able to use this resource pack free of lags, even if you have an average computer, and it will be very easy to enjoy the HD visuals. Also, this pack is not all done yet. There are still some textures that need some work on, but they are actually difficult to spot out since this pack is 95% complete. Do note the fact that if you happen to encounter any troubles with this pack, you can always report it and the creator will take care of it.

Pros and Cons of Gothic 2 Resource Pack


  • Gothic aesthetics are combined very well with realistic features
  • The realism style elements are better than you will find in most of the modern/realistic themed packs out there
  • There is a sound add-on that will improve your game experience even more


  • The resolution might not allow you to enjoy this pack to the fully if you have a low-end computer
  • Gothic 2 resource pack is still under development so you might stumble upon some unfinished textures

How to install Gothic 2 Resource Pack?

  • Download the TexturePack
  • After you press start, type in %appdata%
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate your resourcepacks folder
  • Place the downloaded .zip file into this folder

Download Gothic 2 Resource Pack




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