Lucid Delirium Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.11.2

Lucid Delirium Texture Pack – review

Lucid Delirium is a texture pack that works with Minecraft 1.11. It is a fun and innovative texture pack, that aims to combine the vanilla visuals with new lighter ones, resulting into a dreamy-like minecraft gameplay. Due to its great artwork and aesthetic sense we highly recommend this texture pack, although it has only been released for a mouth and it didn’t get the chance to gain any popularity yet. Still this pack is worth a try since it definitely enhances the default textures making the game more enjoyable in both survival and creative mode.

One of the most striking detail of this pack is the light, that is distributed in such manner, that it makes the environment have a dreamy feel to it. The color palette is rich and intense, offering the game a much vivid vibe. We cannot ignore the paintings that are inspired from pop culture. Some even picture some  of your favorite animated characters. The textures do appear to be smoother than vanilla, although the pixelated features are still untouched. The extraordinary artwork is also noticeable when you study the mobs textures. There are some custom changes, like the dog that is now a cute fox, or the monsters that now feature a disfigured face in order to make them more threatening.

The Lucid Delirium texture pack has a 16×16 resolution, great if you own a low-end computer. If you have no problems playing the game in the default version, than this will work just fine for you. Also this is a 100% complete texture pack. However, this is not a pack that aims to alter all the vanilla textures, so some of them will appear to be untouched. Also the creator is still open for updates. It is important to point out the fact that is recommended to install a shader in order to get the best form this pack.

Pros and Cons Of the Lucid Delirium Texture Pack


  • The game has a smoother and sharper appearance using this pack
  • Dreamy vibe makes the game more eye appealing and more entertaining in both creative and survival mode
  • The low resolution allow any player to use this pack free of lags


  • Not all textures are altered, and is possible that you might stumble upon many vanilla textures.
  • Some textures might appear to look flat, compared to other textures featured in this pack

How to install Lucid Delirium Texture Pack?

  • Download the TexturePack
  • After you press start, type in %appdata%
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate your resourcepacks folder
  • Place the downloaded .zip file into this folder

Download Lucid Delirium Texture Pack


Credits: Nyxisanalia


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