OptiFine HD Mod For Minecraft


OptiFind HD Mod – About and How to Use

There are many great tools for minecraft out there, but OptiFine HD is by far one of the best. This mod’s goal is to enhance the game performance as well as the game’s aesthetics. It manages to do so by doubling the FPS and by using fewer resources. Many of you out there struggle with the game lags and low speed, but using this mod you will be able to optimise your game in order to get rid of the speed issues, even if you play the game online or with others.

Using this mod you get access to the Video Settings, allowing you to customize your game in order to get the best from it. Therefore you have a lot of options that can be set in order to customize your game. For instance, you can control the weather as well as the time. It is possible to control the existence or the intensity if the water, stars, moon, fog, rain etc. The game visuals are also radically improved since the lighting and the shading is much better, and the HD textures will no longer be a problem.

As mentioned above, this mod has support for HD Resource Packs so it is highly recommended to have the OptiFine HD installed, since most of the texture/resource pack demand it. When you download this mod pay attention to the version you are downloading, and do note that the ULTRA version is the most recommended one. It may take some time untill you will figure out the best combination of settings that works for your computer, but take your time. Once you got it all figure it out, you will never run a single game without it.


How to install OptiFine HD?

  • Download OptiFine HD
  • Go to %appdata%
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Find the “mods” folder
  • Drag and drop the downloaded file to that

Download OptiFine HD


Source:  optifine.net

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