Okami Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.11.2

Okami Texture Pack – review

Okami is a texture pack for minecraft, that works with the latest 1.11 game version. It a creative japanese/anime texture pack, inspired by the PS2 video game Okami. If you are a fan of anime culture, you will totally dig this pack as it has many japanese style designed textures, yet they are not kawaii as you probably have seen before, but rather anime and cartoonish, that makes the game very eye appealing. Even if you are not an japanese art and culture fan, you will still enjoy this pack as it manages to revamp the default textures in a fun and entertaining way.

Moving on to its features, it is easy to quickly spot the japanese inspired elements. The colors are brighter and softer in the same time, but one particular detail about them is that many are outlined with black, giving them that ultimate anime touch. All the blocks are altered and we can surely conclude that they are much more detailed than the vanilla version, so the buildings and other structures will now have a richer and fuller design. Not much had been made on the animation part, however some animated features, like the breaking animations that looks life animal footsteps, are sore to still a smile from you. The items and weapons still need some work on, yet some swords are already revamped and they complete the game appearance just right. Other custom textures, the sun and the moon, stand as an evidence of the great artwork that had been placed in this texture pack.

The Okami texture pack resolution is quite high to say at least. It comes in a 128×128 resolution, 8 times higher that the default resolution of minecraft, so in order to avoid any frame-rate issues, you must use this on a performant computer. Do note that this pack is still under development and only recently updates started to appear, that is why some textures, like armors and mobs are not finished yet. Also it is recommended to use Optifine in order to enjoy all features of this texture pack.


Pros and Cons of Okami Texture Pack


  • Original and creative design will make your game much more enjoyable to follow
  • Many custom textures and rich colors make the game experience more vivid and fun
  • HD visuals are sure to bring your game to a whole new level


  • High resolution might not allow you to use this pack properly
  • It is necessary to install OptiFine in order for this pack to work properly
  • Some textures still need to be reskinned.

How to install Okami Texture Pack?

  • Download the Texture Pack.
  • After you press start, type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate your resourcepacks folder.
  • Place the downloaded .zip file into this folder.

Download Okami Texture Pack


Credits: Postermahn

Source: planetminecraft.com

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