Dem Textures Pack for Minecraft 1.10

About and review of Dem Textures

Dem Textures is a texture pack that works for minecraft 1.8, 1.11 and soon will be available for 1.10 also. Even though this is a rather young pack since it has been released only a month ago, it has gathered over 1000 downloads, and definitely deserves more popularity. We can say that this pack place itself between various styles. You can say that this is a traditional style pack since it keeps most of the textures true to vanilla, but it also improves them and make them look more sharp and HD. Yet you will also find modern and medieval influences. This is an original combination since the packs who usually feature medieval textures do not allow you to also build modern structures, since the blocks are just too archaic designed, and the other way around. With this pack however, you are allowed to use its features according to your imagination.

Being able to have a certain freedom and a wide range of possibilities in the game is definitely a  huge improvement to the minecraft game experience. You can go traditional, modern or medieval, or you can even combine them, it’s all up to you. The textures are smoother and softer, and you are sure to enjoy the HD visuals that will make the game appear more realistic. The vivid choice of colors along with the brighter use of light create a vibrant appearance that will catch the eye in an intriguing manner. Along other great features, this pack also contains some custom elements like the Dark Angel Elytra. While this is made rather for building than for adventures, you can still have a good time using this in both survival and creative mods.

The Dem Textures texture pack had a pretty high resolution of 128×128. Of course this resolution is on of the best to emphasize HD texture, but since it is considerably higher than the default you might get frame rate issues if you use this o a low-end or average computer. In is not fully done yet, at the moment 90% of the pack is completed, but updates are sure to come soon. Also note the fact that this pack will look a lot better if you use it with shaders such as KUDA or Werrus.


Pros and Cons of Dem Textures Texture Pack


  • HD textures make the game look more realistic and more eye appealing
  • Textures are made in such manner that you can create bont medieval and modern buildings and environments
  • Rich color palette and bright light will made the game much more enjoyable.


  • The resolution is way much higher than the default version and might cause lags
  • The pack is not completed yet so you might stumble upon unfinished textures


How to install Dem Textures Texture Pack?

  • Download the Texture Pack
  • After you press start, type in %appdata%
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate your resourcepacks folder
  • Place the downloaded .zip file into this folder

Download Dem Textures Texture Pack


Credits: demonkleenr


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