Jalele 32X Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.11

About and review – Jalele 32X Texture Pack

Jalele 32X is a texture pack that works with Minecraft 1.11 but also with older versions of the game. This texture pack is quite controversial actually, since you cannot really include it in any particular category. Some textures look realistic, others have a creative twist while some simply keep the vanilla style. However, as this pack tries to keep the textures pretty true to vanilla in general, we can say that this is a traditional style texture pack. The resemblance to the default is not something to bother since the game visuals are actually quite enjoyable, only now you will find them even more appealing. With a very controlled balance between custom content and slightly modified textures, this pack offers an eye candy game appearance.

Moving on to its features, it easy to notice the abundance of color this pack possesses. Due to its color richens the game appears more vivid and vibrant, ensuring an awesome game experience. The light is also brighter so you will be able to enjoy playing in both night and daytime. Some textures look very creative like the enchanted table with the enchanted book. The mobs aren’t changed that much, but you’ll get random mobs skins if you use MCPatcher or Optifine. The random mobs are sure to spice up any minecraft adventure. You are sure to appreciate the natural elements like the flowers and the trees as well, since they have been improved and now look more HD.

The Jalele 32X texture pack has, of course, a 32×32 resolution, only twice higher than default version, meaning you will probably won’t get any frame rate troubles even if you play the game on a low-end or average computer. Minor details still need to be added to the pack, this is why it appears to be only 95% complete, but all the block and the items are done, so you’ll be able to have a full game experience. While you can use this free of shaders, it is recommended to use OptiFine. If you do so, you will enjoy the connected textures and the random mobs feature.


Pros and Cons of Jalele 32 Texture Pack


  • Almost all the texture are done and the pack still receives updates on a regular basis
  • The colors and the light is better that the classic version of Minecraft
  • Vibrant appearance and random mobs are sure to give you an entertaining game experience


  • Many textures are kept pretty true to vanilla which might bother if you like more creative packs
  • You must also install OptiFine HD in order to enjoy all it’s features


How to install Jalele 32X Texture Pack

  • Download the Texture Pack
  • After you press start, type in %appdata%
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate your resourcepacks folder
  • Place the downloaded .zip file into this folder

Download Jalele 32X Texture Pack

Credits: jarel

Source: planetminecraft.com

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