SimpleJCraft Texture Pack for MC 1.11.2 and 1.10.2

SimpleJCraft is a texture pack compatible with Minecraft 1.10 and 1.11. As you have guessed from the title, this is a traditional simple pack that aims to simplify the game visuals. While this might not be the best texture pack of its kind, the SimpleJCraft pack manages to stand out through its practicability. You can call it uninspiring and even boring, but the truth is that this pack aims to practical and nothing more. Sure it lacks fancy details, cool custom textures and fabulous features, but this pack is a blessing for every player who struggles with a lazy PC. Due to its clean and smooth textures, it manages to speed up the game in a very efficient way.

The main feature of this pack is its resolution. It is available in a resolution of only 8×8, so if you have troubles with playing the original version on Minecraft that it is 16×16, you will have no trouble running the game using this pack.  As for the visuals, the textures have an old school basic style. The colors are toned down and details are almost completely gone. You can easy observe that by looking at the skies where there are no clouds at all. However the game is not all that boring. Some 3D textures manage to enhance the game’s appearance, and the mobs look just as neat and threatening. The simplistic approach it’s also easier on the eyes, so you might find yourself actually enjoying this pack quite a lot.

As mentioned above, this pack has a 8×8 game resolution, making the game easy to run even on a computer that has a very low performance. There will be no lags and no frame rate issues this time. Also this pack is 100% complete, so you won’t bump into any unchanged texture. Another plus is the fact that you don’t have to bother installing an additional mod like Optifine in order to run this pack.


Pros and Cons of SimpleJCraft Texture Pack


  • The low resolution allows every player to enjoy Minecraft even on a low performance computer
  • The smooth and clean textures contribute to the game speed
  • The pack is 100% complete meaning every single texture is changed to fit the rest of the pack


  • The textures do not flatter the game’s visuals in no maner
  • It is not creative and it might seem boring on a certain level


How to install SimpleJCraft Texture Pack?

  • Download the Texture Pack
  • After you press start, type in %appdata%
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate your resourcepacks folder
  • Place the downloaded .zip file into this folder


Download SimpleJCraft Texture Pack


Credits: Jesterface23


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