Ultra HD Default Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.11

Review of Ultra HD Default Texture Pack

Ultra HD Default is a texture pack that works for the Minecraft 1.11. In this case, the name of this pack is straightforward and pretty much sums up everything about it. If you enjoy super HD visuals in a cartoony or a realistic theme, then this pack is definitely made for you. Although it alters the textures to make them look more HD, the pack keeps everything true to Vanilla, so it is surely not a creative style pack. Still, the game will be enjoyable since the original textures are the ones that make Minecraft what it is today. Also note the fact that this texture pack gained popularity extremely fast. In only 8 days from the release it gained over 6.800 downloads, which confirms the quality of its artwork.

Moving on to its features, it is safe to say that the main purpose of this pack is to finally offer a free of noise game experience. You will also notice how terrain textures are different from the items textures in terms of style. If the blocks have a realistic approach, the items have a simplistic, clean and cartoony look. This unique combination is sure to spice up your game experience, and you will enjoy for sure not having to see a pile of pixels in your hand, but now holding a smooth and clean HD item or weapon. The colors are brighter that default, but this is not a thing to disturb, on the contrary it makes the textures have a clear and calming effect on the eyes.

 The Ultra HD Default is available in several resolution options from 64×64 all the way to 512×512 so you can chose which one works better for your computer. We also need to point out the fact that this pack only alters the terrain and the items, and is not all complete yet. At the moment this article is written the pack is 90% complete and it receives updates actively. Also you must use MCPatcher or Optifine HD in order to enjoy all the features of this texture pack.


Pros and Cons of Ultra HD Default Texture Pack


  • HD textures are doing a great job enhancing the game visuals
  • The fun combination between cartoony and realistic textures makes the game more entertaining
  • The resolution is no longer a restriction, since you have the option to chose which one works best for you


  • The pack is not completed yet
  • Only terrain blocks and item are retouched, other element like the mobs won’t receive the same treatment
  • It is necessary to instal an enhancement mod like OptiFine or MCPatcher for this pack to work properly


How to install Ultra HD Default Texture Pack?

  • Download the Texture Pack
  • After you press start, type in %appdata%
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate your resourcepacks folder
  • Place the downloaded .zip file into this folder

Download Ultra HD Default Texture Pack


Credits: Sapix

Source: planetminecraft.com

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