X11Pack Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.11.2

X11Pack Texture Pack – review and about

X11Pack is a texture pack for Minecraft 1.11 that has been realised very recently at the moment this article is written. Like many other texture packs, this one is aiming to alter the default game textures in order to offer a much more smoother, simpler and cleaner visual feeling while playing. Although we know many other packs that claim to do the same thing, the X11Pack seems to rise above all of these through quality and concept. Its quality is also confirmed by the many downloads it gathered in a very short time, and we predict that this will become a very popular vanilla style texture pack.

What makes this pack to stand out the most is it choice for colors. The pack uses very bright and vivid colors that makes the game visuals much more attractive. The light is another important detail since it makes the game more enjoyable in both day and night mode. The way blocks are designed allow you to build different types of buildings. You can build a medieval style castle just as easy as you can set up a small suburbs neighbourhood with small houses and fences. One of the greatest improvement brought to the game are the new 3D textures. You will easily notice them if you look at the flowers, the rails and many others. The vanilla style remains pretty much untouched, so if you enjoy the original appearance of the game, this pack is the one for you.

The X11Pack texture pack has a resolution of only 16×16, same like the default version of minecraft, meaning you won’t get any lags as long as you have no trouble running the original game. Also this is a 100% complete texture pack, and updates are unlikely to be uploaded. You can enjoy this without any additional shader mod, yet for a better look it is recommended to use one. Along with other features, a new GUI had been added to the game.


Pros and Cons of X11Pack Texture Pack


  • Bright and vivid colors make the game to seam more alive
  • Clean and soft textures offer the game a morea eye appealing appearance.
  • 3D details are a nice enhancement for some textures


  • Low resolution might create a noise effect and it might not allow the user to enjoy the HD visuals.

How to install X11Pack Texture Pack?

  • Download the resource pack
  • Press start and type in %appdata%
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate your resourcepacks folder
  • Place the downloaded .zip file into this folder

Download X11Pack Texture Pack

Video review of X11Pack

Credits: JannisX11

Source: planetminecraft.com

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